Textile art inspired by people and places around the world.

A contrast of static and energetic elements in acrylic and silk. 3d construction creates a theatrical burst of movement.
Price: $1,200
Silent Rave is a unique mixed media piece created from aboriginal fabrics and cork. 3d construction brings energy to the scene.
Samba Dancers captures the fun of dancing under the arbor on a warm tropical night. This piece was featured at the New England Quilt Museum.
This composition is a collaborative derivative work from a photo by NYC photographer Otilius.
Tappan Zee Sunrise is a mixed media framed wall hanging art piece designed from a photo I took crossing the bridge.
Wall Street is a complex art quilt combining digital photo collage printed onto fabric, mixed with fabric fused appliqué.

This piece won an Honorable Mention at the Carnegie Center for Art & History, New Albany, IN.
Price: $1,600
Aarau Switzerland Textile Art

Aarau, Switzerland

24" x 36" (61 cm x 76 cm)

This wall hanging textile art is an aerial view of the town of Aarau, Switzerland, a derivative work from a photo by Jiri Vurma.
Sorry, this artwork is sold
On this day at Kleine Scheidegg a St. Bernard sat in the sun, toting a little barrel on his collar.
Framed fabric art depicting a view of the Seine, Pont au Change, overlooking the Palais de Justice on Ile de la Cite in Paris.

This piece was featured in the juried show Faraway Places, Stamford Art Association, Stamford, CT.
Wire sculpture with paper origami cranes on a Mariner's Compass block base.
Ocean Wave Textile Art

Ocean Wave

30.25" x 24.5" (77 cm x 62 cm)
Ocean Wave is a fabric art collage, designed from a photo from a beach in Key West in an approaching storm.
Sorry, this artwork is sold
Every winter I find myself longing for a cozy spot on a secluded beach on St. Martin, kicking back and letting the world just keep on spinning.
Inspired by the work by Paul Ekman on micro expressions and their clues to human behavior, this piece captures a candid expression in the eyes, that belied a smile.

This art was featured in the Slater Memorial Museum, Norwich, CT.
Aviation buffs will love this wall hanging of an airplane dogfight over a Pacific island.
This large framed 3d artwork captures the focal point of the racer in freeze frame, as the blur of energy captures the motion.
Price: $1,900
Night Out is a mixed media acrylic painting with decoupaged textile art collage flowing beyond the frame.
Lady Hails a Taxi Art Quilt

Lady Hails a Taxi

21.5" x 23.5" (55 cm x 60 cm)

This whimsical piece is created with a background of cotton fabrics and dupioni silk, with fabric painting.
Sorry, this artwork is sold
Manhattan Skyline Textile Art

Midtown Manhattan

14" x 11" (36 cm x 28 cm)

Sketched from a sunny spot on a beautiful spring day, this textile collage contrasts the warm tones of the brownstones neighborhood against the starker black and white of the skyscrapers.
Sorry, this artwork is sold
Steeplechase is a wall hanging art quilt. The abstract style focuses on the energy of the competitors, as the rider and horse become as one in their movements.
Inspired by the races at Belmont, NY, this artwork celebrates the intensity of the pack dashing down to the wire.